Saturday, February 20, 2010

Penal Troops

Now that I am down with my Veteran Squad I am moving onto my penal Squad. Looking at my options as to what Bitz I can interchange into the mix to create a rag tag group of penal soldiers I am going with the Catachan Legs, Cadian Torso. Here is my big dilemma, Do I want to use Cadian Arms and options or use the Catachan arm options?

The look that I am going for are that these criminals have been given used gear left over from dead Guardsmen. Paint scheme is going to be in line with my Regiment fluff. The legs are going to be painted a bright orange to go with a corrections jumpsuit look. The Torso is going to be the mat black armor with cloth portions being the bright orange. Across the chest there will be a red X "spray painted" across designating the soldier as a penal troop. (Because the regiment wont waste precious medical aide on the condemned) On a few torso I am going to model in some battle damage or patches to make it look refurbished.

The heads I am going to use both Cadian Helmets and Catachan heads, to give the units a sense of individuality and the fact not everyone is going to get fully outfitted.

The arm dilemma is the big one for me I might do a mash up of both as some choose to cut down their jumpsuits for armless options while some retain the full set they were given.


  1. Just a quick word of warning, keep an eye on your models belts. I'm pretty sure that the catachen's belts are on the legs and the cadian's are on the torso, so you might end up with two belts on a model.

  2. Good luck with these. Did you see mine, perchance? They're far simpler, but they worked pretty well...:

  3. Col. Corbane is right, you'll end up with 2 belts unless you remove one. I'd suggest keep the Catachan one, as you get a cool little eagle buckle :P

    Will look forward to seeing some pics of what you come up with!