Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Regiment Fluff

I am writing up some fluff for my Imperial Guard Regiment. Inspiration was hard to come by as I had a vision of what I wanted my regiment's personality to be like but I also wanted it to connect to some part of the established continuity of the 40k Universe. I am a very big fan of the Gaunts Ghost series and I very much wanted to put my regiment in that time line but I don't see any mention of Cadian Shock Troops, so I am S.O.L. on that front. On the other side I am very much a fan of the dawn of war games especially Dawn of War 2, not to mention I am currently painting my space marines to be Blood Ravens. What I wanted to do fit in very nicely with that continuity and sort of gave me a creative green light to really shape an environment that would give my models a life of their own. So here is the First Draft of my fluff for my regiment the Cadian 52nd, I still need to detail special characters, Company identity, color schemes and what not. This is more like the 4th draft since I've written several other multiple page fluffs and i just did not like them as I did this one.

52nd Cadian Regiment "The Black Shields"

The 52nd Cadian Regiment was founded during the Tyranid Invasion of sub sector Aurelia where the Astrates Chapter of the Blood Ravens were able to repel the Invasion. The 52nd was formed using the remnants of six Imperial Guard Regiments, most of which were born of Cadia but included a Regiment of Catachan Scouts, Armageddon Steel Legionaries, and a Mechanized Company. The Regiments accolades include the defense of the Angel Gate and the last minute reinforcement of the Blood Ravens at what was the climax of the Campaign to repel the Tyranids. Casualties were extremely high and while the majority of the regiment was spread out amongst the various systems and engaged elsewhere, it was the regiments glory boys of the Kasrkin 8th who were able to cover the Blood Ravens while they delivered the Bio Toxin to the Tyranid Hive Fleet.

Following the battle several of those same Storm Troopers were recruited by the Blood Ravens to becomes Astrates themselves thus forging a strong relationship between the Chapter and the newly Founded Regiment. The Regiment would later go on to assist the Blood Ravens in several battles against the Ruinous Powers in the coming years earning the regiment a reputation amongst high command and their fellow guardsmen.

The "Blackshields" is a bit of an inside joke to many veterans of the 52nd. Cadia trains their soldiers from childhood, which are conscripted into massive formations called white shields. They serve in their units for years until they graduate to the Cadia Shock Troops which are more commonly seen on distant battle fields away from the Eye of Terror. At the height of the Tyranid incursion a Minimortum supply vessel was required to perform an emergency resupply of Guard forces on the various systems in the sector. The Flak and Combat helmets that were delivered were mislabeled and were actually a conscript resupply that was meant for a different sector. The guardsmen who received them painted over the trademark white strips with black paint which would later mark the regiment as the "Black Shields", but do not mistake them for rookies, even the newest recruit is somehow a veteran of the Tyranid Campaign of Sub Sector Aurelia.

Following the two major campaigns High Command gave Imperial military operational command preference to the "Black Shields", giving them almost complete control of operations and mission allocation. The Regiment has become somewhat than an army rather than a single regiment as it numbers in the tens of thousands spread over the many systems in the sector and aboard the fleets that protects it. This issue has come up more than once with high command that the regiment was too strong and had been accused of poaching other regiments specialists and valuable goods which of course the regiment was completely guilty of. High Command remedied this by allocating several Commissar officers to the Regiment to ensure loyalty and that the regiment does not become their own enterprise. This action quelled many of the issues the regiment was having and brought some neutrality back to the Regiments operations as a Guard unit.

Given the Regiments beginnings, its current mission and what is required of them, it has become a very diverse unit of Imperial soldiers. While the main bulk of the forces are still "Cadian" Shock Troops, the Regiment prides itself on its diversity of their origins and the advantages it brings with it. Boasting fierce scouts and skirmishers from the death world of Catachan, Skilled siege troops of Armageddon, Sanctioned Pyskers that patrol the Sector, and a Battalion of Penal Troopers, many of which are hive gangers and deserters. Mechanized units comprising of Valkyrie gunships, an assortment of Leman Russ Battle Tank variants, Hell hounds, Chimera transports, Sentinels, and the pride of the Regiment a Shadow Lord Bane blade make up the armored formations of the Regiment.

Color Schemes of the 52nd Cadian "Black Shields"

The general color scheme adopted by the regiment following the Tyranid Invasion went from the standard Cadian green armor and tan clothes to mat black armor and dark grey-blue clothing. The full black armor was adopted by newly supplied guardsmen trying to cover up the embarrassing white shield insignia painted on their gear. This practice evolved to include all newly issued gear be mat black with a complimenting dark grey-blue BDU. This distinctively separates these troops from other like wise equipped Cadian Shock units. Las weapons are finished in standard pattern colors depending on the originating forge world and special weapons such as flamers, grenade launchers, meltas and plasma guns come stripped bare down to the metal and can later be prepared for what ever the mission or command requires. The storm trooper squads likewise have adopted the same theme of scheme used for their shock brethern, their carapace armor is finished with a mat black and under clothes match the same grey-blue of the standard BDU issued. Penal trropers are issued orange jumpsuits and left over flak armor worn by fallen Black Shield troopers. A red X is painted across the chest of each peice of armor almost as to give the enemy a place to aim. Catachan scouts and skirmishers are allowed to retain their typical battle dress which is nothing more than reinforced trousers and a shirt, sometimes nothing at all. Likewise the Steel legion troops retain their signiture long black leather trenchcoats, bucket helmets, and rebreather masks.

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