Sunday, February 7, 2010

Space Wolf Army

For the past few months I have been putting together a Space Wolf Army for my girlfriend could play with me. I've really enjoyed putting together the space wolves, like the Cadian command sprue the Space Wolf Pack sprue comes with a ton of options and extra parts. Modeling is my favorite aspect of the hobby especially so since I am very novice when it actually comes to playing the game.

Here is what her Army looks like, it isn't a proper army list, just a list of miniatures.

10 Blood claws
7 Grey Hunters (Need 3 more to complete squad)
4 Long Fangs (H.Bolter, Plasma Cannon, Melta Gun, Plasma gun)* I am looking to acquire a missile and Lascannon model for the squad*
5 Sky Claws
5 Wolf Scouts
2 Swift Claw Bikers (Need 1-3 more to complete squad)
4 Models that can be used as Wolf Guard of Lone Wolves
Ulrik the Slayer, Wolf High Priest
Rune Priest with plasma pistol and runic axe
Ragnar Blackmane
Iron Priest
Njal Stormcaller

What I need:
1-3 Drop pods
The above mentioned extra models
MAYBE a squad of wolf guard terminators
An additional squad of blood claws

The goal of the army is to be fairly rapid in their movement and assault like crazy with some limited long range fire power in the form of the long fangs and the grey hunters.

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