Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's Been awhile

That is has been. The hobby has been crawling by every so slowly mostly due to my new work hours that have me waking up at 4am every day.

Spearhead is most likely going to be the thing that sparks my interests. I love tank battles, I think the games will be much simpler for me and I will have allot more fun with them. Saving up to purchase a new Leman Russ and Manticore Boxes when the time is right. I am holding off on the new edition of the Hellhound for some strange reason.

Anyone have a tutorial yet on Magnetizing the Manticore or new Leman Russ models so I can use all variants?

In the construction Que I have a last edition Leman Russ and a new edition Leman Russ Demolisher. I had an awesome coupon for 40% off so I took the opportunity. I am going to magnetize the Demolisher to allow for more versatility of the model and get more bang for my buck. Once it is all complete and built this is my total model load out.

1 Late Edition Basilisk
1 Late Edition Hellhound
3 Late Edition Chimera
1 Late Edition Demolisher
1 Late Edition Vanquisher
4 Late Edition Leman Russ Battle Tanks
2 New Edition Demolisher with magnetized variants for Punisher, Executioner
1 Valkyrie Gunship
1 Bane Blade (Storm Lord Edition and magnetized for different variants)
2 Late Edition Sentinels w/ Lascannons
1 New Edition Sentinel Armored with Plasma

I also have a forge world eradicator turret that I can switch out on the Leman Russ Variants as needed.

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