Sunday, November 8, 2009

Veterans and Psycher Battle Squads

I have a ton of random bits, mostly all Imperial Guard but a few Marine, Ork and Tau bits laying around.

I am going to try and make a veteran squad, to do this I am going to take some of those bits and add them to a normal cadian squad box.

One of my Platoons in my Army is already set up to be veterans fluff wise, it was pretty simple, I threw in the random extra heads from the cadian command box. I then bought a bunch of Heavy Weapon squad backpacks off of ebay. The End result is a platoon all with backpacks, assorted heads. It gives them a real mean and professional soldier look beyond the normal canteen and blade accessories. A few have pistol holsters on their legs and I cut off some of the stocks to make a carbines.

I am thinking of starting a new squad using Marine shoulder pads, Tau shoulder pads, various backpacks, bolt guns etc.

I am looking into creating my first Psycher Battle Squad, but it will be simple. Its a matter of using a commissar as the custodian and the old Pyschers from the previous editions.

What I am looking for are Shotguns. I have yet to see and GW stuff except for the Forge World material but i don't want to have to wait and pay out the ear to get the shotguns.

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