Saturday, November 7, 2009

Company Command Squads

Using the Tactic laid out previously, I have been thinking about how my Command Squads need to be positioned but also how they are outfitted.

1 Officer
1 Vox
3 Weapons

Depending on the role of the Platoon will determine the type of special weapons used. First Platoons blitzkrieg maneuver would need to use something mobile and usable in the first round of the game to allow for the force to move forward and engage the enemy at closer ranges. Since First Platoon will likely be wiped out turn 2-3 I want something that will pound the enemy line of advance. Grenade Launchers would work very well where as Plasma while effective is just too expensive to waste on a suicide unit.

Second Platoon Command could be outfitted with Sniper Rifles since they will be stationary supporting second platoon for the duration of the battle. If I don't use this for second platoon I will most likely form a special weapons squad with the three sniper rifles. Their job will be mostly to pick off Indy characters and low numbered squads from a distance.

Company Command could be updated with a long range weapon like a rocket launcher team since it will most likely remain stationary in the back field for the duration of the battle.

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