Friday, November 20, 2009

Regiment Name

Ok so I am thinking of what sort of Fluff I want to design my army around theme wise.

I have the full range of options so I was thinking of trying out several different ideas and group each idea as a Company with in the same regiment, as I will be using alot of various army lists in my idea.

2000pt List
1500pt List
1000pt List
500Pt List

Using the template used for space marine chapters with multiple companies with each company having a different purpose. I could adapt that to fill out my fluff. I am thinking of having around 10-15 different companies.

First Company "Insert name" This will be a command Company housing such characters as the regiments Colonel and other specialist.

Second Company...This will be a Veterans build Army with the focus being on highly trained Veterans and storm troopers.

Third-Eighth are just going to be various vanilla army lists with varying point totals and army list load outs.

Ninth Company will be a mechanized infantry company where they will make use of chimera and Valkyries.

Tenth Company will be an Armored Company where I hope to field the good majority of my armor.

Eleventh will be a supply and logistics company, this wont actually exist but will be mentioned.

Just some ideas....let me know what you think.

FYI...I took picutres of my tanks and armor the other night I'll be posting them asap.

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