Saturday, November 7, 2009

Space Marines

I am going to go into my Space Marine models first, feel free to leave comments as I am more of a collector than a player.

I picked up the Black Reach set when it came out I wanted to start off with a cheap means of starting a Marine Army. I picked up an additional Tactical Squad and Terminator Squad off of Ebay along with an Assault Squad. I've also had a ton of random models from over the years some are scrapped together models made up of random bits.

I am mainly a Guard player so I am in new waters playing Marines.

Here is the complete List thus far.

(1) Space Marine Commander (Black Reach)
(2) 10 Marine Tactical Squads (Black Reach)
(2) 5 Terminator Squads (Black Reach)
(1) 5 Marine Combat Squad (Scratch Models)
(5) 5 Marine Assault Squad
(1) Dreadnought (Black Reach)
(1) Rhino
(1) Scout Sgt Tellion
(1) 1 Old school Terminator with Power Sword and Storm Bolter

I am big on fluff so I am wondering what I want to do with them. I am thinking about just making a blase Ultramarines Chapter Army.

I am thinking about picking up a Scout and Devastator Squad to even out the mix of available unit types so I can make multiple lists.

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