Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Leman Russ Magnet fix

So with the demolisher you are able to glue in magnets into the Barrel and barrel base which will keep the two snugly together allowing you to use all the barrel variations depending on what you want to do and with the Demolisher cannon, Punisher cannon, Executioner cannon options this will save you some money so you don't have to buy multiple kits for each variant.

With the new Leman Russ kit this option does not exist. The Barrel is not separate from the base which sits inside the hull and is non removable.

The Turret itself comes in two pieces, the top half and the bottom half that latches onto the Tanks hull.

You will notice that on each piece there are 4 small circles on the inside, my guess from when the plastic was ran through the mold. Interestingly enough each piece 4 holes line up exactly as almost a sign from the Emperor himself!

When you go to glue on the magnets you will want to mark which side you will be gluing to the plastic, it sucks when you are working with magnets and the magnets are opposing each other.

Work with each magnet separately and wait for them to dry other wise you will have magnets flying around trying to stick with one another.

Once you have each circle covered with a magnet the two pieces should fit snugly together through the power of the magnets.

The only issue I have come up with thus far is that for the Battle Cannon and the Nova cannon there is a blast shield typical on all Leman Russ editions. There isnt really a way to fix it to the Tank with out gluing it but if I discover a remedy I will make sure to post it here.

Until next time.

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