Thursday, September 2, 2010

Catachan/Death World Commissar

I want to make a gnarly looking death world Commissar.

Any suggestions?

I was thinking of clipping the bolt pistol off of the Cadian Command Sprue arm attach it to a Catachan muscle Arm. Not sure what to do with the melee Arm either clip down the augmetic arm from the Caidan command sprue so that the shoulder pad isnt there.

I figured the great coat would be in tatters and would be sleeveless and torn at the bottom.

Not sure what to do for the head, trim down a cadian tank commanders head to get rid of the personal vox headset?

It would be easier if I knew how to work with green stuff but i havent had the oppratunity to play around with it yet.


  1. Hey there!
    You could use legs+torso+head from the cadian plastic officer and then the arms from the catachan sprue. You could use some green stuff on the shoulder of the arms to connect with the torso and make it look like the sleeves were torn. Then using a dremel or hobby knife trim the bottom of his coat to make it look all torn up.

  2. As commissars are rarely popular on Catachan, you might want to squash a small square-ish piece of green stuff and put it loosely on the commissars back. Then make a tiny strip of green stuff to look like it's holding the previous piece in place. When it comes to painting, paint it white, then write "kick me" (or worse!) on it :oP