Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Haven's Guard of the 22nd(c) a Rough Riders Company

The Havens Guard is a company of Cadian Rough Riders trained by the 112th Korvin Lancers during the 112ths temporary assignment to the Regiment during the Athereal Campaign. The 112th Lancers came from the noble houses of Korvin whom fought against Tau expansion into the system by manipulation of trade and information brokering. While many of these Noble Houses were toppled in their attempts their progeny lived on to form brigades of mounted Calvary that became a symbol of Korvin's refusal to acknowledge Tau control of the core planets. While many of the original brigades fell in combat against the war machines of the Tau empire their legacies lived on through the training of such elements such as the Havens Guard of the 22nd(c). Mostly of Cadian stock with few Catachan members the Havens Guard were formed to meet the need of highly mobile heavy troops on the battlefield when conventional vehicles such as chimera were not available. As their skills were honed along with veteran status the Havens Guard adopted the use of lances with shaped explosive charges, chain and power weapons and other unconventional mounted weapons. The Haven's Guards own commander Captain Rook carries a plasma pistol from his days as a line officer in the old 22nd and a power sword in his augmented arm.

The Havens Guard adorn themselves with traditional Cadian gear, armored spats, trousers, and flak armor are common, those who were trained by the original Lancers wear ornate shoulder armor gifted to them by their noble mentors, all members of the company wear the ornate heavy war helms of the 112th, some with red plums of feathers an odd eccentricity allowed by Colonel Pike and high command. Members of the Haven's Guard are also afforded special grooming standards in recognition of their noble origins, men of the Havens Guard rarely shave leaving them with full long beards in accordance with Korvin Military traditions.

When on parade the Havens Guard always forms the vanguard leading the regiment in presentation followed by the Regimental colors and command company, General Clare always amused with the eccentric behavior of his Cadian brethren uses them when parading for High Command, something the men of Havens Guard seem to enjoy not to mention the special R&R privileges such service affords.

While the Havens Gaurd has only been in service for a short while their utility in combat has afforded the 22nd(c) advantages other regiments seem to lack and a shock value to xenos enemies at the sight of a line of Calvary bearing down on them in combat.

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  1. To make these models I used Rough Rider Conversion kit from Victoria Lamb, Empire Outrider horses and Heads, Cadian bodies, and various bits from the command squad kit. Some of the shoulder pads are from tank commander kits and one of the riders has a Tau shoulder pad that I made to look beat up and "looted".

    Still working on the color scheme, I want them to look regal but battle hardened veterans.