Sunday, February 27, 2011

WonderCon and ComicCon

Due to my awesome girlfriend who works in the media world I have professional passes to both WonderCon in SF and ComicCon in San Diego.

I want to do a costume for it and I wanted to go dressed up as a guardsmen. After thinking about it long and hard about it due to finances and my own abilities I am going to go with one of the old school stormtroopers with beret.

Items Needed:

Beret Black or Red
Black BDU Shirt-Check
Black BDU Pants- Check
Black leather combat Boots- Check
Gun Belt
Holster to hold a Hellgun
Hellgun with power cord and power unit
Backpack to hold power unit
Faux Frag Grenades
Random Gear (Nightvsion, Vox)
Knee/elbow pads
Fingerless gloves-Check
Imperial Patches/Cap Badges

Not sure what else to include.

Any ideas are very welcomed.


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